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jueves, diciembre 16, 2010

Sacha Baron Cohen será el próximo "Torrente"

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Sacha Baron Cohen's new starring roles have been a hot topic for fans eager to see him rebound from the pallor of "Bruno."
While the actor will, in early 2011, begin shooting "The Dictator" (the "Coming to America"-type story about a goat herder and dictator that looks to be directed by Larry Charles), Cohen's next lead part is an open question.

One possibility: "Torrente," a Hollywood take on Spain's favorite racist and corrupt cop.

In case you're not familiar with Spanish releases: Created by and starring the Spanish comedian Santiago Segura, the films are a popular comedy-action franchise (the first three have topped the box office, and a fourth will soon be released) in which the main character, Jose Luis Torrente, traffics in all manner of shady outrageousness in pursuit of his own brand of justice. (He's actually been fired from the police force but continues to patrol the neighborhood.)
The actor (who will next be seen in a supporting role in "Hugo Cabret") has expressed intense interest in taking the part (he even wants to set the movie in Spain), but is famously fussy about his starring vehicles.
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